The People's Agenda 2020

Palm Beach Indivisibles Leadership Team Member, Elvin J. Dowling, is the spokesperson for The People's Agenda.

Elvin is an activist, entrepreneur, speaker, mentor and author.

A message from Elvin:


As the spokesman for The People's Agenda, a comprehensive plan to improve the lives of all Palm Beach County residents (developed by leading activist groups in our community), I come before you with this urgent plea for the future of our democracy.

As you prepare to cast your vote in the most important election of our lifetime--together--we wanted to remind you that WHO you are voting for is just as important as WHY you are voting. That's why we created The People's Agenda and 2020 Candidate Report Card that you can use to educate yourself on where each office seeker on your ballot stands on the issues that matter most to our community. More importantly, we encourage you to use the Report Card as a guide in casting your ballot this Fall. Remember: 'We're 4 Who Is 4 Us!'

We hope you are too!"