Our Role In This Historic Election


We all know that the upcoming election is historic.

Trump is trying to suppress the vote and cheat but we know that OUR VOTE will determine the outcome of this election. 

Trump’s efforts to distract and to discourage us will not work if we (1) Vote, Vote, Vote, (2) Get Out The Vote and Protect The Vote, and (3) most importantly, Remain Calm and Resolute.

These are our roles from now through election day and beyond.



First and foremost, our role is to make sure that each of us and everyone we know votes early, whether by mail or in person. There is no reason to wait until 11/3 to vote.

If voting by mail, be sure to carefully follow the directions and get your ballot in the mail or dropped off to a Supervisor of Elections office by 10/10.  Spread the word on this. 

Early voting in person starts in Palm Beach County on 10/19. 

Find out the key voting dates in Florida and how to find an early voting place in Palm Beach County here Early Voting

 If while voting in person you experience or witness any acts of suppression or intimidation at your polling place, be prepared to call for assistance. Bring this information with you to the polls. Find out who you can contact here: 

1-866-Our-Vote and 1-833-Vote-Fla 



Second, we can play a role in getting out the vote and to help ensure voting is handled fair and square at the polls. Find out things you can do here: Election Protection | Stop Voter Suppression & Protect the Vote!



Finally, and most importantly, our role is to prepare ourselves, our families and friends to remain calm and not become alarmed if the election count is slow—even if Trump appears to be the winner or declares victory on election night or soon thereafter. 

A slow election count is a fair election count. The pandemic has exponentially increased the number of anticipated mail-in ballots. Many states don’t even begin counting mail-in ballots until Election Day. The counting may go on for weeks after election night. 

Expect Trump and his allies to unleash a torrent of disinformation as soon as the polls close. Trump and his supporters will likely challenge votes and vote counting in state and federal courts and in the court of public opinion.  

Each of us must actively be the voice of truth by calling out disinformation when we see it and by posting accurate counter information. You can find fact checking resources by going here:




It is vitally important that we SPEAK OUT and not allow Trump to push a false narrative.

The Biden campaign has significantly expanded its legal operations in anticipation of a battle against voter suppression pre-election and to make sure all votes are counted post-election.

We must remain resolute and  insist that all votes be counted. 


Take the pledge here:

  • We will vote
  • We will refuse to accept election results until all the votes are counted.
  • We will nonviolently take to the streets if a coup is attempted.
  • We refuse to obey an illegitimate government.
  • If we need to, we will shut down this country to protect the integrity of the democratic process.

We may need to take additional actions to demand that all votes are counted. That is our right and our responsibility. 


Sign up to be notified of post-election activities in which your participation may be needed. 

For PBIN Various Volunteer Action Roles: https://actionnetwork.org/forms/election-plan-volunteer-action?clear_id=true


Leadership of PBIN will work with you and other grassroots groups statewide to make sure we get a legitimate result from this upcoming election.

Together will stay informed and participate in keeping our democracy alive. 

Together we can do this if we remain united.


In solidarity

The Palm Beach Indivisibles Leadership Team