"Where's Marco?" Protesters demand action from Fl. Senator Rubio

Palm Beach Indivisibles Marching

PALM BEACH GARDENS (CBS12) — A group of demonstrators hit the streets on Tuesday demanding actions from Senator Marco Rubio.

People we spoke to said they are done waiting for answers on possible ties between President Trump's administration and Russia.

They want to see a special prosecutor conduct an independent investigation.

Protesting along PGA Blvd just feet away from Sen. Rubio's office, Renata Finnie and about 30 other activists held signs voicing their concerns.

"We can't not allow Russia to get mingled into others countries elections. It's just not right," Finnie said.

Finnie said she questions the claims that President Trump's advisors had close ties with Russian intelligence agents during the 2016 election.

"I do believe there are a lot of hints that there was involvement," Finnie said.

Right now, the Senate and House Intelligence Committees are investigating despite President Trump dismissing the claims.

For Laura Cain, with a nonpartisan group called Palm Beach Indivisibles, the president's word isn't enough.

" I think every American deserves to know that our government is fair free and impartial representing the people . Not special interest and certainly not a foreign government," Cain said.

We reached out to Sen. Rubio for comment. He was not available. Instead we received comments he made a few days ago regarding the Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation.

Rubio said in part, "We're going to prepare a report that's going to lay out all the facts across a number of topics and that will allow you and others to look at it, and from there draw conclusions about what should happen next, and who was involved and who wasn't."