Nationwide Eve of Impeachment Protests

Impeach Putin's Puppet, Impeach Trump

The behavior of POTUS has clearly run afoul of specific tenets of the Constitution to not seek foreign help in Presidential elections. Our POTUS learned that "Investigations" were very helpful in getting elected in 2016 and the day after he seemingly dodged dire consequences of the Mueller Report he sought a "favor of investigation" from a foreign government to diminish the prospects of a significant challenger in the 2020 election cycle.

On Tuesday, December 17 the eve of the US House holding an Impeachment Vote, protestors nationwide gathered to show their support for exercising one of the Constitutional tools to check the unconstitutional behavior of POTUS. Over 700 people gathered in downtown West Palm Beach, just a few miles away from POTUS' self described "Southern Whitehouse" Mar A Lago to join that national effort. While the Senate is unlikely to convict, the stain of Impeachment will never be romoved from the ages of history.