What is Palm Beach Indivisibles?

Our vision is to be the premier catalyst for change in our community by ensuring that all voices are heard, represented and empowered.

Our mission is:

to advocate for equitable, just and inclusive values, principles and policies to elected and public officials, community leaders and influencers;

to support grassroots efforts to increase voter participation through education, training, action, organizing and leveraging relationships; and

to focus on the issues most important to quality of life for all residents of Palm Beach County, Florida, particularly those who reside in underserved communities.

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How do I join?

You can join Palm Beach Indivisibles by completing the signup form on the right side of this page! We will send you periodic emails with information about actions, events and important news.  We protect the privacy of your information and only use it to keep you informed about our movement and our activity. 

You can also sign up for our Facebook page at Palm Beach Indivisibles Facebook Page

Why should I join?

The changes in our government during the last 30 years, and especially during 2016-2020, showed us that Democracy is not self-sustaining.

Democracy depends upon us - We The People - to protect it. 

We also realized that each of us must do more than just vote in every election. We must reach out to and provide support to our communities in need, we must educate and empower our citizens to become involved in the political process, and we must always let our elected officials know we are watching them and we hold them accountable.

Please join us! Complete the signup form on the right side of this page and become an email subscriber. We will send you periodic emails with actions, events and important information.

What happens after I join?

We are so excited that you’ve joined us! 

Democracy depends upon our daily actions. Each of us should, as often as we can, be:

*communicating with our Members of Congress (MOCs) via phone calls, emails, letters, petitions and (safe) office visits

*helping in our own community to Get Out The Vote (phone/text banking, (safe) canvassing, writing letters and postcards)

*providing support to the underserved in our community by volunteering, donating and partnering with a local charitable organization

*speaking with our friends, family members and co-workers to ensure they are registered to vote, that they understand candidates and issues, and they vote in every election.

We provide you with information, training and support. Complete the signup form on the right side of this page to get started!

Do we have regular meetings?

Yes, we have General Group Meetings.  We also support rallies, town halls and public official meetings and you are welcome to participate in any of them.  You will find meeting dates on our website Palm Beach Indivisibles or on the Palm Beach Indivisibles Facebook Page

Isn't it a waste of time to call, visit Members of Congress (MOCs) or write letters?

No, this approach is one of the most effective ways to influence, resist, be heard and make your opinions known. This is a long-term process and it is how Democracy works most effectively. Your elected official will likely not change their position just because you ask once, even if your story is compelling BUT many calls, letters, office visits and votes are the most effective way to influence your MOC.

What else can I do?

Get involved with your local community. Make a donation to one of your favorite charities Planned Parenthood  ACLU or MoveOn – organizations that are going the extra mile to help preserve our rights and help the less fortunate. Click on the DONATE NOW button in the upper right corner of this page and help offset our program costs.

And of course, VOTE! and get everyone you know to vote, write, call and visit their elected officials.

How often should I be calling?

You should be calling every single day.  There are so many issues to call about. We use calling technology that makes it easy so click below;

Credo Action
The 65
Daily Action
5 Calls

You can also print the daily call scripts right from our website and call from your phone at your convenience.  The most important thing is to ABC - always be calling on every issue.