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Federal Calls to Action

Use this easy dialer tool to contact your members of Congress

Text RESIST to 50409 to send a fax to your members of Congress

Use faxzero to send a fax to your members of Congress


You can also call and fax these congressional leaders:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) —202-224-2541 phone, (202) 224-2499 fax

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) —202-224-6542,(202)228-3027 fax

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI)-- (202)225-3031 phone, (202) 225-3393 fax

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)--(202) 225-4965 phone, (202) 225-8259 fax


Take action now to protect the Mueller investigation and have a personal plan if Mueller is fired! We need to be on alert! Go here for more information

In all your communications with your members of Congress tell them you support Trump’s impeachment!

In all your communications with Mast and Rubio be sure to wish each of them an early happy retirement in advance of their next election!

In all your communications tell your members of Congress you are part of the Indivisible movement! They need to know we are a voting bloc and will determine their fates in upcoming elections! 

Go here to take action against Sinclair Broadcasting's propaganda machine

NEW 7-9-2018!!! Tell your MOCs NOT to confirm a Supreme Court nominee in an election year!  There are resources and a script here

NEW 7-9-2018!! Food Stamp Assistance (SNAP) should not be gutted! Check out this page for more information.

UPDATED 7-9-2018!!! Immigrant families must be reunited now! Go here to take action!

UPDATED 7-11-2018!! VOTE,VOTE, VOTE—Every seat, every election! Go here for more information

UPDATED 6-18-2018!! Take action on federal gun safety laws

Congress is making little progress in this election year - Go deeper

Check out our newest program to Get Out The Vote in Palm Beach County!

Take action now to stop Trump from getting us into war without Congressional approval!


State Calls to Action

Find your State Senators and Representatives

Look up a bill

The results of the latest Florida legislative session show why our votes matter so much. The Republican-controlled legislature passed bills that were an attack on many of the values we share, including by placing limits on teacher’s unions, undermining abortion rights and opening the door to more school vouchers, which hurt our public schools. 

The legislature failed to act on a variety of reforms. Although gun safety legislation was approved, it did not ban weapons of war, like that used to murder students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and included provisions that would arm teachers. Republicans refused to even hear a bill that would help in the fight against human trafficking and failed to pass legislation against sexual harassment in their own halls. 

The NRA immediately sued the state to challenge portions of the new law addressing gun safety, which will be defended by elected Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi, who has received support from the NRA in the past. This shows why our votes in every race matter!

For more information, check out this Palm Beach Post article and this Orlando Sentinel article


What can we do?

The November mid-term elections will be our chance to loosen the grip Republican hard liners have had for years on the Florida Legislature. 

In the next few months, we will learn the questions the Republican-controlled Constitutional Revision Commission will place on the November ballot. These may include an attempt to undermine the felon rights restoration ballot question that so many worked on to bring to a vote.

The races for senate and governor will also be of crucial importance. We can’t allow extreme Rick Scott to become our senator and the next governor will play a key role in the redistricting that will take place in 2020 and have veto power over the state legislature.

We must come together to get out the vote and be prepared to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE in November. Every seat, every election!