Tell the State Legislature not to steal the citizens' initiative!



In a Republican-controlled State Legislature, one key way voters can make change is through citizen-led constitutional amendments. 

While most states require a simple majority of 51% to pass amendments to their state’s constitution, Florida currently requires a 60% favorable vote.

HJR 61/SJR 1238 would raise the passage threshold to 66 and two-thirds percent. 

To put this in perspective, if a 66+% vote had been required, popular amendments such as the 2018 restoration of voting rights to non-violent felons and the 2020 minimum wage increase probably would not have passed.

This proposal, which would have to be approved by referendum, is another in a long series of steps taken by Republican state legislators in recent years to make it harder to get citizen initiatives on the ballot and to increase the percentage required to pass constitutional amendments. It is part of the on-going Republican scheme to rig the game to keep their grip on power. 


SCRIPT: My name is xxx and my zip code is xxx. I am a proud member of Palm Beach Indivisibles. I oppose HJR 61/SJR 1238. The current 60% threshold to approve amendments to the State Constitution is already higher than in most states. I demand that you stand up for me and all Floridians to protect our basic right to the citizens’ initiative rather than effectively taking away that right.





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