Tell our Florida legislators We're Watching Them!


ISSUE: The Florida Legislature convened its 2020 session on January 14th.

As bills make their way through the legislature, here are some things to watch:

•Republicans are split on immigration and new gun safety measures—go deeper here and here

•Bi-partisan support appears to exist for sentencing reform—go deeper here

•Florida lawmakers are looking for new paths to create charter schools—go deeper here

•Teacher pay is another hot button issue—go deeper here

•Bills to address sea-level rise have been introduced—go deeper here

•An anti-abortion bill is making its way through the legislature—go deeper here


CALL TO ACTION: Let’s make our voices heard about these issues. Contact your representative and let them know where you stand. In all your communications tell your legislators you are part of the Indivisible movement! They need to know we are a voting bloc and will determine their fates in future elections!


Find your state Senator and Representative here.