Support Federal Law to Expand Voting Rights




Florida Senator Rick Scott and other U.S. Senate Republicans who voted not to certify electors in the 2020 presidential election have teamed up on a new federal voter suppression bill. Chillingly called the “Save Our Democracy Act,” it echoes the state voter suppression laws recently championed by Governor Rick DeSantis.

The federal bill would make several changes, including blocking automatic voter registration for federal elections, eliminating drop boxes for ballots, restricting vote-by-mail ballots to specific voter requests only, and ending the collection of mail ballots by election night.

We must tell our elected officials in the U.S. Congress that we won’t stand for any attempt to suppress our vote, while also contacting DeSantis and our representatives in the State Legislature to speak out against state voter suppression laws.

Additionally, we must be vocal in our support of two pro-democracy bills filed in Congress and for abolishing the filibuster (which results in at least 10 Republican senators having to agree before a bill can get to a senate vote):

  • The For the People Act (H.R.1) would be the most sweeping democracy reform since the 1960s. This bill makes it easier for citizens to register to vote, guarantees early-voting days and bans partisan gerrymandering for congressional seats, a step toward eliminating the election of insurrectionists to Congress. 
  • The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act responds to the Supreme Court’s gutting of the Voting Rights Act in 2013 by making it harder for local officials to suppress votes. This bill strengthens and modernizes the Voting Rights Act and ensures that its strong provisions apply to voters across the country. It returns the power to the Justice Department and the courts to block states and localities from taking racially discriminatory steps to curb voting rights.

SCRIPT: My name is xxx and my zip code is xxx. I am a proud member of Palm Beach Indivisibles. I oppose the “Save Our Democracy Act” proposed by Rick Scott and others, as it is nothing more than a blatant attempt to suppress votes and to win by cheating. I strongly support the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which are exactly what we need to ensure free and fair elections at every level in the United States. I expect you to stand up for me and protect democracy by expanding, not restricting, voting rights





Text RESIST to 50409 to send a message to your representative in the United States House and Senate.

Find your elected officials in the U.S. Congress here: