Special Gun Safety Call to Action


ISSUE: We must make our voices heard, so that common sense gun safety policies are implemented at the federal and state levels as soon as possible.


•As we once again mourn the senseless murders of victims of a deranged shooter, we feel rage and frustration. 

•We must not allow the frequency and scale of mass shootings to make us numb or despairing of change. 

•We have MORE power than we realize and are NEVER as powerless as we may sometimes feel.

•We CAN be a part of turning common sense gun safety policies into law. 

•If there has ever been a time in recent memory in which we can come together to make a critical difference, it is NOW. 

•The issues relating to gun violence are complex. There is no single easy fix. It is going to take a diverse and multi-faceted approach. We need laws at both the federal and state levels to effect a real reduction in gun violence.

•If we are going to be part fixing this problem, we must be able to advocate for potential solutions in an informed manner. 

Go deeper on understanding America’s gun problem: 

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•It is only a very vocal minority of gun owners that will not accept any restrictions on gun ownership. These people, together with the undue influence of the NRA in the political process, block the common sense gun safety legislation favored by most Americans. We can counteract their impact in a few important ways:


  1. Tell your elected officials in Congress and the state legislature that you want them to adopt policies that reduce gun violence. Say it loudly and often. Make them realize they won’t be re-elected if they don’t respond to our concerns. Use this link to contact your members of Congress: Text RESIST to 50409 to communicate directly with your representatives in Congress. Use this link to find out how to contact your representative in the state legislature.   
  2. Join groups that are looking for ways to reduce gun violence. Everytown for Gun Safety and Americans for Responsible Solutions are just two examples.
  3. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. The only way to make sure gun violence is reduced is to elect people that are willing to stand up for us on this matter. We must vote in every local, state and federal election for candidates that will make gun safety legislation a priority. Make sure you are registered to vote and have applied to receive your vote by mail ballot, just in case you can’t get to the polls to vote.  Go here for information on how you can help get out the vote.