Raise your voice to preserve voting records





Digital images are generated once voters feed their completed ballots into scanners and are used to quickly tabulate votes.  

Many supervisors of elections (including those in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and other highly populated counties) promptly discard the digital images, since state law only requires retention of paper ballots

Democrats argue that preserving the images is necessary to ensure the accuracy of vote counts, pointing to instances in which paper ballots have been lost or misplaced in Florida and provides another tool to guarantee confidence in our elections. 

Last year, Democratic House Representative Joe Geller was part of a lawsuit against the supervisors who discard digital images, which resulted in the supervisors agreeing to maintain them only if there was a 2020 presidential election recount.

To address this issue, Geller has filed House Bill 1265 (Senate Bill 1698) requiring Florida’s supervisors of elections to preserve digital images of voters’ ballots for at least 22 months after an election. 

Let’s tell our elected officials in the State Legislature that we support HB 1265!


SCRIPT:  My name is xxx and my zip code is xxx. I am a proud member of Palm Beach Indivisibles. I support HB 1265 requiring preservation of digital images of all ballots cast by Florida voters. I expect you to do everything you can to bolster confidence in our elections and this law is an important step in that direction.



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