Now is the Time to Unsheeple Ourselves!


While we watch with horror the spectacle of malevolence, collusion and incompetence unfold in the White House, it is tempting to retreat from fear and revulsion. It is tempting to choose to focus on our daily tasks and put aside thoughts of the damage being done to our great country.

Yet now is not a time to retreat. Now is a time to be thankful.

To be thankful for the light that is being shone on some of the darkest aspects of our institutions—Republican and Democrat alike.

To be thankful for the opportunity to see the truths we ignored or accepted with a sense of powerlessness.

To be thankful that we have the chance to wake up and move forward with positive action and intent so our democracy stands this test and comes through it even better than before.

To be thankful that we can reclaim our place as active and informed citizens to ensure the United States of America truly stands for liberty and justice for all!

The time has come for us to question everything, retake our power and cease being manipulated into obedience.

For generations the assumption has been that we will follow without question, like sheep in a herd, the path carved out by our governmental institutions because we are too busy trying to keep our families fed, housed and clothed and too disillusioned to believe in our own super power—the vote.

THE TIME HAS COME TO UNSHEEPLE OURSELVES! The time has come to step up and use our super power! Run for office yourself, get to know your elected officials, ask them whether they stand, hold them to account and VOTE,VOTE VOTE! Every election, every race! It is our right and our responsibility!

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