Mueller Investigation Special Call to Action


Tell our MoCs we support the Mueller investigation and have a personal plan in the event Trump fires Mueller!


•We know Trump would love to end the Mueller investigation into Russia’s meddling into the 2016 presidential election.

•Trump can’t fire Mueller on a dime. See this article for more information

•Members of the Freedom Caucus in Congress, particularly Florida’s own Representatives Gaetz and DiSantis, are leading the charge against Mueller. Check out this link for more information

•There are bills pending in Congress that would make it harder for Trump to fire Mueller, although Republicans seem disinterested in seeing those become law.

•We should urge our members of Congress to take action NOW to make sure Mueller can complete his work and that the results of his investigation become public.

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•Congress can and should act now to enact a law that will protect Mueller from Trump’s cowardice and vindictiveness.

Use our easy dialer tool to contact your MoCs.

Script: My name is XXX and my address and zip code is XXX. I demand that you take action now to protect the Mueller investigation. I also want the Congressional committees that are investigating Russia’s interference with the 2016 presidential election to be allowed to complete their work. I expect you to speak out against the smear campaign being conducted against Mueller and the FBI. I also expect you to pledge to rehire Mueller or appoint another special counsel if Mueller is fired for any reason.


In addition, you should have a personal action plan in the event Trump causes Mueller to be fired. MoveOn has established a registry of locations in Florida and throughout the U.S. that can serve as the sites of peaceful protests, as well as guidelines for such protests. Check this link this for more information (keeping in mind locations may change).

We note that a decision to join in any protest has its own risks, including personal safety issues, the possibility of arrest, conviction and related loss of voting rights, and the chance that violence arising for any reason may hurt the legitimacy of the overall “resistance” effort. Any decision to participate in a protest event is solely up to each individual. PBIn leadership wants to emphasize our belief that we must continue to pursue sustained actions that transcend any specific event, including by communicating with our elected officials and participating in the electoral process in every possible way, with the ultimate goal of flipping Florida in 2018 in favor of progressive candidates.


Posting our standard disclaimer regarding the MoveOn link:

Palm Beach Indivisibles ("PBIn") is providing information about this event solely as a community service. PBIn is not sponsoring or organizing this event, and not encouraging anyone to attend, as this is a personal decision.

There are no steps that any person can take to completely guarantee safety during a street action involving a crowd of people. While one may be able to limit some risk through proper preparation and vigilance, no amount of preparation or vigilance can ever completely guarantee safety.

Please exercise your own discretion and use good sense in making your decision to participate and engage in any event.