Let Your Members of Congress Hear From You in April!


There are many things you can talk to your members of Congress (MoCs) about in the month of April.

Indivisible Guide has put together information on recess policy priorities, including:

-preventing Congress from deregulating Wall Street
-saving net neutrality
-protesting the appointment of new proposed Cabinet members.

Let your MoCs know you expect them to stand up for you and that you will be sure to vote to replace them if they don’t remember they represent you!

In all your calls, tell your MoCs that you are a proud member of Palm Beach Indivisibles. Let them know we are voting bloc and their fate rests in our hands!!

Go deeper on the recess policy priorities, including questions for your MoCs

April is a great month to reach out and touch your MoCs. Check out this resource with a list of actions you can take

Use this easy dialer tool to contact your members of Congress