GOTV Special Call to Action - Neighbor Network for Good Government




CONGRATULATIONS to the 200+ postcard writers who sent over 30,000 postcards to our Palm Beach County target voters AND over 5,000 postcards to Georgia voters for the 2020 Senate Runoff races!  Your effort made a big difference! We saw an increase in Vote By Mail sign ups in our target precincts because of YOU!  Want to participate in future postcard writing opportunities? Complete our signup form today! 

In August of 2018, we launched our innovative Get Out The Vote program, the Neighbor Network for Good Government (N2G2).

N2G2 program participants, whom we called Community Coordinators (responsible for an entire precinct or other large geographic area) and Neighborhood Coordinators (responsible for their neighborhood), met with their registered Democrat neighbors and discussed the importance of voting, Vote-By-Mail and reclaiming the power of their vote.

PBIN provided to the Community and Neighborhood Coordinators a list of their registered Democrat neighbors, a video presentation, canvassing materials and ongoing support.

Precincts where the N2G2 program was implemented saw a marked increase in voter participation in the 2018 midterm election over the 2014 midterm election.

We’ve learned a lot from our program participants and we have updated and improved N2G2 in preparation for the 2020 election.  We are particularly focused on addressing some of the problems encountered with Vote-By-Mail through voter education and support because Vote-By-Mail increases voter participation exponentially. 

We have launched our Listening Project where canvassers will connect with their like-minded but infrequently voting neighbors. The purpose of the Listening Project is to learn what is important to infrequent voters, to help people who don't usually vote to understand how important it is that they vote and to reclaim the power of their vote. We've made it easy for our Community and Neighborhood Coordinators to participate by supplying them with all the materials and ongoing support they need to connect with their registered Democrat neighbors.

Watch our video, which explains the updated program, HERE

Would you like to help reclaim democracy, one neighbor at a time? Send us an email at

Have questions about voting?  Check out our Voting FAQ page! Thank you, Jerry Kornbluth, for compiling this information!