Get Out The Vote Special Call to Action!


Ultimately, the most effective way to make our voices heard on the issues that are important to us, including gun safety, is to VOTE for candidates who share our values at the federal, state and local levels. EVERY SEAT, EVERY ELECTION! 

The time is now for each and every one of us to stand up —not against what we hate about Trump and the Republican controlled Congress—but for what we love about our country. It is our right and our responsibility!

We need YOU to be a part of our boots-on-the ground army of canvassers, phone/text bankers, postcard writers, support staff and others!  There are spots for everyone, even those who cannot physically canvass. If you're hungry for change, then we have a place and a job for you!


Standing Notices

• Are you and everyone you know registered to vote? If not, you can  Check your voter registration status and Go here to register.

• Are you and everyone you know registered to vote by mail (VBM)? The chance of voting doubles when a voter uses a VBM option. VBM ballots are counted FIRST and you can confirm receipt of your VBM ballot on line. Go here for additional information on vote by mail and go here to register to vote by mail in Palm Beach County.

•Are you willing to learn to register voters? There are ongoing opportunities and training.  Check the League of Women Voters website (link below).

• Are you willing to drive people to the polls? Go to CarPool2Vote to register as a driver or to find a ride to the polls.

•Are you willing to phone bank for candidates? Check out this link to register.

•Are you willing to help flip seats in other states? If so, join a "Flip" group on Facebook. Flip Nation is a great place to start. Click on the link to find them on Facebook. 

 •Are you willing to help with races outside of Florida? Use this candidate support tool to help candidates in races all over the country with text banking, phone banking, events and other activities. 

•Are you willing to write postcards to voters?  If so, go here for more information.

•Are you willing to join Rapid Resist or Rapid Results? RAPID RESIST is a text banking / text messaging platform backed by a nonprofit organization (501c4) being used by resistance groups (including Indivisible groups) in many states across the country. For more information, go here. Go here to get started. RAPID RESIST is being used to mobilize resisters at local events, and their sister organization, RAPID RESULTS ( is being used in Get Out The Vote text message campaigns for anti-Trump candidates. Go here for more information.

•Are you willing to help people obtain proper identification so they can vote, and/or drive people to the polls? Join VoteRiders, which is a non-profit organization that provides free voter ID assistance. Volunteers also sign up to provide transportation to the polls on election day.

•Are you willing to help voters complete their vote by mail applications using Stamp The Vote?  If so, sign up by sending an email to You can also find the Young Democrats at, and

•Are you willing to become a poll worker? Other than voting - Becoming a Poll Worker (or Poll Watcher) is one of the best ways to help the Democracy thrive and ensure fair elections throughout your State. In order to be a poll worker you must apply, receive training and meet certain qualifications. Palm Beach County poll workers are paid up to $400. Go here for more information to become a poll worker in Palm Beach County.  For other counties, contact your local Supervisor of Elections.

•Are you aware of election dates in your county? Check out the State of Florida Supervisor of Elections website



--Check out our Voting FAQ page.  Thank you, Jerry Kornbluth, for compiling this information!

--League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County -

--League of Women Voters National --

--Flip Florida (on Facebook) -

--Caucuses and Clubs in Palm Beach County -

--Democratic Party National --

--List of candidates, rolling updates, by Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin -

--The Enlightened Voter is a free publication with information and links to resources -

--The Florida Department of State Elections website maintains a list of races and candidates -

--Ballotpedia publishes a NATIONWIDE calendar of elections -

-- Headcount is an organization that pairs volunteers with organizers at musical events and festivals to register voters.

--Women Votes is an organization that connects drivers with riders to polling places.