Federal Gun Safety


Tell your members of Congress (MoCs) you demand common sense gun safety legislation!

*NOW is the time for us to put our outrage over school shootings into action.

*We must demand that our MoCs immediately adopt common sense gun safety.

*If Congress is unwilling to act, we must make sure we have a new Congress in November!

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Text NRA to 50409 to find out how much the NRA has contributed to your member of Congress.

Use this easy dialer tool to contact your members of Congress


Script: My name is XXX and my address and zip code is XXX. I am a proud member of the Indivisible movement. I demand that you take immediate action to implement common sense gun safety legislation. I want laws that:

-ban the sale of weapons of war, like the one used to kill students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school.

-expand universal background checks.

-close dangerous loopholes that allow guns to be purchased without background checks.

-lengthen waiting periods for gun purchases.

-restrict the purchase of guns by those who are dangerous to themselves and others.

-ban bump stocks, which make guns more lethal.

-hold gun manufacturers accountable for consumer safety by repealing the law that shields them from liability.

-increase funding for mental health services.

-increase funding for school safety enhancements that DO NOT include arming teachers.

I expect you to stand up to the NRA by standing up for me and my fellow citizens and protect us from senseless deaths. If you won’t, I will be sure to vote you out of office in favor of someone who will. 


Other things you can do:

•Work with groups fighting gun violence—here are links to Everytown for Gun Safety and GiffordsPac

•Participate in rallies and work stoppages planned to demand gun safety legislation. Look for information on PBIN’s Facebook pages about these events.

•On April 20th, the anniversary of the Columbine Mass Shooting, American students will walk out of class and protest. Find a school walkout by clicking on this link