Dreamers, Net Neutrality and Trump's infrastructure plan


Keep informed about  DACA, Net Neutrality and Trump’s infrastructure plan. 

•Congress appears to have stalled on immigration, including the fate of Dreamers, who were brought here as children of illegal immigrants and registered under the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) program. Courts have stepped in and given Dreamers a reprieve for now. Let’s stay informed and make sure our MoCs know we support Dreamers and oppose Trump’s border wall and other hardline immigration policies.

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•Net neutrality is the concept that everyone should have equal access to websites and other internet services.  Net neutrality is a safeguard against autocracy. If we lose it, our democracy suffers. 

The rules protecting net neutrality are set to end next month and Republicans are trying to make sure it is ended for good. Let’s stay informed and make sure our MoCs know we support net neutrality. 

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•Trump unveiled an infrastructure plan that is literally highway robbery and will result in the privatization of public assets and increased taxpayer costs from user fees and tolls. It will also have a negative  impact on the environment. We need a real plan for modern and safe infrastructure that supports our communities. House Democrats have introduced House Concurrent Resolution 63 which describes what should go into a good infrastructure bill.  It looks like Congress is unable to make any progress on an infrastructure plan.

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