The Census Should Not Be Used for Political Purposes!


The Census Should Not Be Used For Political Purposes!


The Trump administration plans to add a new citizenship question to the upcoming U.S. Census. This question is specifically designed to harm immigrants and instill fear among their members, so that they don’t respond and are undercounted. Lower response rates will be catastrophic for communities and states with large immigrant populations.

As a result of an undercounting of their residents, states may lose seats in Congress and crucial federal funding that is tied to census results. The 2020 census data will also be used by states to draw congressional and state legislative districts. Depressing census response rates in already underrepresented communities will allow politicians to draw even more skewed legislative districts and further dilute the political power of these communities.

The comment period  to register your objection ends on August 7th. The link below contains information on how you can object to this census question. 

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