2020 Georgia Senate Runoff Races Resource Page

Democrats in Georgia have the chance to take two Senate seats.

Flipping these seats is critical because McConnell has already said he will do everything in his power to "stop the Democrat agenda". There is only so much President-Elect Biden will be able to do by executive order after he takes office.  We need to HELP FLIP these two Senate seats!

There are many options for getting involved. Please pick one (or more) and invite others to do the same!


  • Now: GEORGIA RESIDENTS - get your mail ballot
  • Dec 7: voter reg deadline
  • Dec 14: Start of Early Vote
  • Jan 5: Election Day



Tony The Democrat
*Provides addresses and instructions for postcards.
*You supply postcards and stamps.
*Sign up or, if you are an approved writer, click on “current” and scroll to find Georgia campaign.

The Georgia Postcard Project
*Requires that you only use its postcard.
*Sign up using a mobile device and wait to be notified.
*If using a tablet, laptop or PC, keep checking the website.

Flip The West
*Per organizers, response has been “overwhelming” and may be a wait list for writers.
*Sign up and wait for instructions.

Black Voters Matter
*Sign up using form and check “postcard writing”, wait for instructions.



Click here to donate to the Warnock and Ossoff campaigns and to Fair Fight.

Click here to donate to Rev. Warnock's campaign.

Click here to donate to Jon Ossoff's campaign.

Fair Fight promotes fair elections in Georgia and around the country, encourages voter participation in elections, and educates voters about elections and their voting.

Black Voters Matter increases power in marginalized, predominantly Black communities.

Georgia NAACP works to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons.

New Georgia Project is a well-regarded effort to register and engage voters, credited with enrolling over 500,000 people.



Click here to volunteer, text or phone bank for Rev. Warnock's campaign.

Click here to phone bank for Jon Ossoff's campaign.

Click here to phone bank with Moms Demand Action for both campaigns.

Click here to volunteer, text or phone bank with New Georgia Project.

Click here to phone bank with Georgia Democrats.

Click here to text, phone bank, fund raise, volunteer or help with social media for Black Voters Matter.



Click here to learn about Rev. Warnock.

Click here to learn about Jon Ossoff.



Most Critical Messages

1. No evidence of fraud -- those claims are an attack on the voters and our democracy.

2. Voters will decide -- no politician gets to pick the votes. Voters decide -- no politician gets to substitute state legislators or judges for the voters.

3. When we win and it gets called: Biden received 4,121,117 (as of 1pm Nov 6) million more total votes.

4. Now until mid December -- we must target national cable, regional sports, digital -- emphasis on evangelicals, non-college white, seniors, and Latinos in FL.

Amplify these key messages as the counting goes on:

● Americans across race, place of origin and zip code turned out in record numbers to stand with and for each other, despite the pandemic and deliberate barriers from day-long lines to eliminated drop boxes.

● Voters overwhelmingly chose Biden to move forward together toward a better future. Biden’s total vote advantage will be over 6 million, he'll win the Electoral College, and he will receive more votes than any candidate in US history.

● There are thousands of votes to count. Local election administrators are hard at work counting them now, and every hour that goes by is adding to the tally and emphasizing the voters’ decisive choice.

● The will of the people is clear: we have chosen new leaders, and we will demand every vote is counted and swear in a government of, by and for the people.


Additional Messaging

Across Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia, a record number of voters voted by mail. Over the course of the campaign, we encouraged voters to vote early and to mail in ballots if possible to protect their health and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

They listened, resulting in a record number of absentee ballots across the country.

We knew going into Election Day that it would take time to count these votes accurately, and the counting is on track with our expectations.

Voters should have confidence that election officials are taking their job seriously and spending the time and effort required to ensure every eligible vote is counted.

The Trump campaign knows they are going to lose and they are filing desperate lawsuits specifically designed to generate suspicion/discord and further a false narrative of voter fraud more than anything else.

The lawsuits are meritless and baseless: they are intended to give the Trump campaign an opportunity to sow immense doubt, fear, and confusion into the electoral process by slowing or stopping the counting of votes.

We are grateful for our elections officials who are doing the hard work to make sure every vote is counted. We cannot let Trump’s efforts undermine the will of the people: he does not get to choose the next POTUS—the American people do.